Brand Obama: Spectacular Brand Positioning


You have to applaud to the spectacular marketing of Brand Obama. Recently, Advertising Age named him Marketer of the Year for 2008, edging out Apple and at the Association of National Advertisers‘ annual conference. Sure, Brand Obama rose from nearly an unknown to a preferred brand in very short time and harnessed social networking, but the real greatness was in the positioning. Obama provided a very clear benefit (change) to his target audience (disgruntled Americans); the messaging was clear and consistent. The brand connected grabbed #1 market share with its functional benefits (tangible, performance benefits – the promises of financial benefits to the middle class). But the real coup was Obama brand’s emotional benefits: hope and optimism, which resonated deeply with the consumer.

Obama brand brilliance continues: look how he depositioned his competitor! Depositioning is neutralizing or diminishing your competition through effectively positioning your brand. The Obama brand’s positioning of the candidate for “Change,” thus redefined both Clinton and McCain as ‘status quo.’ Worked masterfully, as it does in marketing brands (e.g. Pepsi is for a vibrant, New Generation, redefining Coke as old, and staid, by comparison).

Brand Lessons:

1. Make sure you have a compelling brand positioning for your brand.
2. Consistently reinforce your brand’s position.
3. Deposition your competitor by leveraging your brand’s strength and attacking their weakness.


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