Gee Gatorade, what are you selling?

Good marketing fundamental: be clear. If consumers understand what you are selling and what it can do for them, they can buy some from you. Common sense, right? The problem with common sense is, sometimes it’s not that common. The new, incomprehensible “What’s G?” campaign for Gatorade violates this basic rule.

Gatorade broke the multi-million dollar campaign this month to “create consumer intrigue and ensure everyone stays tuned for more in our quest for G,” according to a Gatorade spokeswoman and Ad Age. The spot features 60-seconds of stunning images of interesting people with no sales message at all. What’s intriguing or riveting about that?

Contrast that with VitaminWater‘s clear and effective print ad. This ad shows the consumer what they can buy, prominently shows the product, and cleverly tells you that it will hydrate them.vitaminwater_1_2

Lessons Learned:
1. Don’t throw money away like Gatorade. Obtuse and vague messages do not drive demand.
2. Be clear. Always feature your product prominently and convince consumers to buy some.
3. Speak in consumer language. You need to convince them, not yourself.


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